Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Chrisiana's Hair

For those of you who know me and my girls, you know that we have always had extremely long hair....At the begining of this year I had my youngest daughter's hair cut above her shoulders. Now, I always get asked the same question over and over, "Why did I cut Chrisiana's hair?" Here is my answer:  My daughter was diagnosed with alopecia, an auto immune disorder which causes patchy hair loss on the scalp.  It affects about 1% of the population and occurs mostly in children.  My daughter literally had bald spots on her head overnight.  Imagine your child  going to sleep perfectly fine, then waking up with bald spots.  I was confused at the time because I had no idea what was happening to her.  I took her to the emergency room where they told me she had alopecia.  After many days of crying, because I didn't know if she would be like this for the rest of her life, if she would lose more hair or if there would be a bigger problem to the picture; I made the decision to cut her hair, so I wouldn't have to pin up, tug or pull on it, due to it being so fragile.  Now, I've shared the reason as to why I had my daughter's hair cut.  Thankfully, after about 3 months, her hair has begun to grow back & is still growing.  I am truly more appreciative and thankful that we have hair, and the ability to do what we choose to do with it, because many people lose their hair and it does not grow back.
My daughter Chrisiana with her long hair before it was cut. 
Her now with her hair cut.